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Clinical Hypnotherapy

Many of us feel locked in a conflict between our conscious and unconscious minds and feel frustrated at not being able to resolve it ourselves.

But what if you could get both minds working in the same direction? Give up the struggle and resolve the conflict so that you naturally want to take the action that serves you best.

That is what the state of hypnosis allows you to do – by getting under the radar of your unconscious mind, together we can override the mesh of negative thoughts that keep you ‘stuck’ and help you move forward to a life of more joy and confidence.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a kind of twilight state between being awake and being asleep. Although deeply relaxed, your perceptions are heightened rather than dulled so that you can enjoy the relaxation hypnosis promotes but never lose awareness of what is going on.
In this state the unconscious mind is more receptive to positive suggestions and able to absorb them, sort of like reprogramming your hard drive. You realize these suggestions serve your best interests so you have no desire to resist them.

It is not like stage hypnosis – your mind will not take on board suggestions that do not appeal to your inner logic. Hypnosis is safe, non intrusive and enjoyable.

Hypnosis can treat just about anything that originates in the mind but here are some of the conditions I have successfully helped people with:

Quitting smoking
Sugar addiction
Fear of flying
Fear of driving
Confidence boosting
Eating disorders

Prices - £60 for a one hour session.
Stop smoking programme - £180 for 3 sessions.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy:


“I had hypnotherapy with Kirsten to quit smoking and it has now been a year since my last cigarette. It feels easy, like I am not using my will power. I feel so much better and have a lot more energy.”

Graham, Edinburgh

“After just one hypnotherapy session with Kirsten I gave up sugar and lost half a stone in two weeks. I had no cravings. Strongly recommended”.

Ross, Glasgow

“Last year I endured several months of sleepless nights due in part to constant travelling with work. I booked a hypnosis appointment with Kirsten. During the session I felt deeply relaxed and for the first time in a while did not dread going to bed. As a result I have enjoyed many more deep, sustained and rejuvenating sleeps ”.

Rob, Edinburgh

“Kirsten gave me a hypnotherapy session for my fear of driving a couple of years ago. I love driving today.”

Mary, Dublin