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Bio Energy

Energy healing has been around for thousands of years, most ancient civilizations developed some form of it. I practice one of its modern incarnations - bi-aura energy,
an advanced form of bio energy healing.

There is an energy field that surrounds the bodies of all living things, commonly called the bio energy field or aura. It supports the physical body and it is here that the energetic cause of ill health lies.

During a bio energy session I use hand movements based in the ancient Chinese practice of Qi gong, to release stuck energy from the bio field. There is very little physical contact.

Bio energy healing is very useful in treating just about any health condition with results ranging from the subtle to the dramatic. It engages intricately with the bodies own healing response.

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“I had four Bio Energy sessions from Kirsten prior to an operation for bladder cancer. I found the sessions deeply relaxing, they really helped me to sleep better which had been a problem at the time and by the time I went to have the tumours operated on, the cancer had already gone into remission. After the fourth session I really felt something had been unblocked, I became a lot more talkative and expressive.”

Mick, Falkirk

“When I had my first Bio Energy session from Kirsten I was going through a particularly stressful period. I loved the experience of the session, the relaxation, the warmth and the wonderful feeling of just being able to switch off. I slept so well afterwards and felt invigorated the next day. Pain that I had in my hip also was gone.”

Eily, Co. Kerry

“I saw Kirsten for some Bio Energy when I broke my toe prior to going on holiday. There is no doubt in my mind that the session relieved the pain and hastened the healing process.”

Tom, Edinburgh

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