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Welcome to Lúth Healing

Hello, I am Kirsten Kennedy. I am a very experienced and professionally trained Edinburgh based complementary therapist.

I practice the following:

Bio energy
Clinical hypnotherapy
Kundalini Yoga
Therapeutic Massage

These therapies can help you on a mental, physical and emotional level by:

Boosting your immune system
Changing negative thought patterns and beliefs
Promoting deep relaxation
Clearing deep rooted emotional blockages

Addressing issues in our lives whether they are mental, physical or emotional is an inside job. With all the distractions of modern living, looking within is not always appealing but by investing in our own healing we can transform feelings of failure and fear into ones of joy and success.

I can help you access your own innate ability to heal emotional wounds, break habits and recover from the physical manifestations of illness.

Most people have no idea how much power they have to change their own lives.

The techniques I use can complement any orthodox treatment you are undergoing.

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